Infinity Scarf- Bold and Graphic Urban Chic Floral Chiffon with Scarlet, Teal and Purple reverses to Scarlet and White Chain Print on Black Chiffon


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Urban Chic Floral… that’s what I call this print. It feels like a beautifully tough graffiti to me. The scarlet, teal, purple combo is unexpectedly pleasing. I’ve paired it with another graphic print that looks like scarlet and white chain link fencing to me. The black background grounds the whole scarf. If your tastes lean more urban than rustic this may be the piece you need.


A double sided infinity scarf is a simple way to add some personality to an outfit. This type of scarf is for all those who say “I can’t tie a scarf”. Wrap it around twice for a longer look or three times for lots of look close to your face.

Simple clothes + great scarf = fabulous outfit  This is just the completer piece you need to make that outfit special!

If you are trying to figure it out, no it’s not a true mobius strip… there is a full twist so that the patterns are continuous.

Each bonseye design infinity scarf is handcrafted and unique. No two scarves have the same combinations of patterns


Fabric: Urban chic floral print chiffon with teal, scarlet and purple. The other side is a scarlet and white graphic repeat on black chiffon.

Fiber Content: 100% Polyester

Care: hand wash delicate, line dry

Approx dimensions are: Width 9.5"; length of circle: 80”

Ships by Priority Mail or First Class with tracking.

Please note that color may not be exact due to camera and monitor settings.

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Width: 13.00
Height: 9.50
Depth: 2.00
Warranty: Each bonseye design piece is unique and may have a little more ‘character’ than store bought or mass produced items. I do my best to choose quality fabrics and to assemble each item with skill and care but each item is handmade so be prepared for the occasional charming imperfection. However, any major manufacturing defect will be repaired and/or replaced. Please contact bonseye design for a resolution.
Returns due to fit, color or style issues are eligible for refund or exchange within 7 calendar days of receipt.
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