Website Do Over: 2020 edition

by BonNette

You know when you start something with wide eyed excitement and big dramatic plans? That's what I did with this website and blog. I was going to jump in with both feet. I was going to blog and email and list all the things with gusto! and then life happens and the best, most well intentioned plans go right out the window. Sheesh! that's annoying. Then one day you open up the blog page of your website and realize its been almost 3 years since you've posted a single word. <insert face palm emoji> #sigh

Shall I give you the micro version of life since 2017?

  • 2017 holiday season = sick, hospital, gall bladder surgery, recovery (that was the worst holiday ever!)
  • 2018: divorce finished (finally!!), apartment situation went sour, searched for housing, bought a house in Rome, NY, moved in Nov, discovered the house was WAAAAY more of a "fixer" than I realized.
  • 2019: set up the new bonseye studio in the basement (its fantastic!), painted, dreamed up house plans, painted, waited for contractors, moved boxes around, waited for contractors, dreamed up more plans, fought with contractors, finally they got done, painted and painted, set up 2nd floor office/guest room/hang out space, drove to TX to surprise my parents for Christmas (that was the BEST holiday!)
  • 2020 Jan/Feb - I feel like I'm just waiting out winter. enjoying my new not quite finished spaces in my house. spending time with friends.

Now it feels like to time to revisit this website and make something of it. I hope you don't mind if I write about things other than scarves and ponchos and shows. I'm slightly obsessed with working on this house so that may come up from time to time. Food posts may also find their way in if I'm staying on top of things. I'm feeling a bit hummingbird-ish these days, flitting from thing to thing as I get drawn to them.

so here's to 2nd beginnings, do-overs and restarts... with all mercy and grace for the past and high hopes for the future.


a few photos of the last few years...

  New Year Eve 2017 in the hospital :(           packing up the sewing room

New Years Eve 2017        packing the sewing room for the move!          

in the hospital :(

      faux finish feature wall in my bedroom

this is a linen faux finish i did as a feature wall in my bedroom.   

the new bonseye design studio... its fantastic!!

the new bonseye design studio space is spectacular!  this much space is a luxury!     

  I love walking the Art Trail at Griffiss in Rome          Christmas with my parents in Texas was spectacular!

  Griffiss Art Trail in Rome, NY                    spending Christmas 2019 

                                                                       with my family was perfect!                         

  bedroom as storage for over a year!      bedroom as living room finally (i have big plans for this space!)        

  before and after... bedroom as storage for over a year!

bedroom as temporary living room (big plans for this!)


  upstairs before demo        upstairs with partial demo

upstairs 90% done (mostly trim work left)

2nd floor before, during, 90% done...

biggest transformation to date.  this upstairs was a dark, gross space with 2 minuscule bedrooms with no closets.  Unusable for me.  took out the walls and made one big space.  It still needs trim and finishing touches but I love it!