the struggle is real

by bon

Have you ever had one of those projects that just seems so great and then goes so massively wrong and you can't figure out how to fix it?  When you have a million things to do but this one thing is haunting you, taking up all your time and putting you so behind but it doesn't make sense to scrap the whole project?  How many hours do you spend on Google sure that you'll find just the right thing or info if you just search the right terms?

No one thinks about the engineering that goes into their clothing... zippers, velcro, buttons, hooks and loops and my nemesis for the several weeks... elastic.  Is there a masters course in elastic I was supposed to take?  If so, I didn't get the memo!!

The good news is that I solved the problem... the ridiculous news is that I had to scrap my entire first idea and come to a competely new one to find the solution to my problem.  Am I the only one that fights to keep the original idea even though the solution has already presented itself?  I hope you are all much less stubborn then me!

All that to say that I had to take take a pause on selling and making the Button Ponchos for a bit because of a functional problem but the 2.0 version is here and its better than ever.  I'll have them with me for all the Aug and Sept shows then I'll try to get some on the website after that.  I hope to see you out on the road and that you'll try one of them on.  They really are fantastically versatile!