It took a village...

by Bon

I often think that I can do just about anything pretty easily. I mean, we are in the information age...between Google and YouTube we can learn it all with an easy search. Right?!?!  Often that is true, but I’m here to tell you that this website was a stumper for me. I thought it would be pretty basic, make a few selections and I’d be on my way. But was I wrong, very wrong. It was like reading a foreign language, an hour of research for every question. Ugh! And then I was probably wrong and had to do more research. I’m saying this because while I generally like to work alone (its so much easier than explaining myself or defending my decisions) this project took a village and I’d like to thank a few people.

Cute! Pet Gear Collar & Bow Tie photo credit @asheralex

Jen is a friend of mine that designs and makes all the great pet products at Cute! Pet Gear, Check out Cosmo wearing his super fun collar and bow tie.  We talked at length about what I wanted in a website. She had just launched a new version of her website and was very happy with Big Commerce.  In doing whatever research I did, it seemed like it checked all the right boxes.  I jumped in and it didn’t take long before I realized I was in over my head.  Jen came to the rescue a few times getting some things connected and working.  Thanks Jen!

photo credit @asheralex

I knew I needed some cool lifestyle photos and I certainly didn’t want all the photos to be selfies of me. Cue my niece Ashley who is an up and coming photographer.  Find her on Instagram @asheralex with more beautiful photos like this one.  She agreed to take some photos… oh, did I mention she lives 1500 miles away?? Ashley and my sister Jamie planned and executed the photo shoot in Dallas and provided some great images. Thanks Ashley and Jamie!!

the background here was completely Quadsimia's idea and I love it!

There came a time last year where I just gave up on this website.  Not the idea of it, but it was just a source of constant frustration. Everything was taking too much time and nothing was getting done. just languished out there half done. Early this year with renewed hope and enthusiasm I decided to ask for more help. I had worked with Quadsimia on websites for my day job, so I made the call. They put the finishing touches on the design, like the cool background shown here.  They also got the shopping cart working correctly.  I know I just could not have done any of it without extensive research and then it still wouldn’t have been done as well. Big thanks to Rocco, Nick and Diane at Quadsimia for getting me up and running. Contact them at

So that was my bonseye website village. I’m so pleased with the result. I hope it will be a place where my bonseye friends can find some great hand crafted pieces to fill out their wardrobes... all from the comfort of their homes or convenience of their phones.