Creativity in Quarantine - Jam & Cake

by bon

~ Create ~ Concoct ~ Construct ~

My goal for this blog series is to chronicle my creative ventures during this weird period where COVID-19 shutdown the world. While I wasn't doing any sewing or creating for bonseye design, I did still manage to be creative despite the crazy in the world. 

Strawberries... somehow I always manage to miss local strawberry season.  I really have no idea why. I mean I know its a couple weeks in June but I miss it every year.  2020 being no exception.

As luck would have it I was shopping at my favorite non-profit grocery store a few weeks ago when they had 1lb packages of strawberries for 75 cents.  Wow!  I bought 4 packages then made strawberry shortcake and jam.  I hadn't made jam in probably 20 years!  It was all so delicious that I bought 4 more packages the next week and made more!! 

Strawberry Shortcake... I'm a HUGE fan. No whipped cream necessary!  Growing up, my mom (who never missed local strawberry season) would buy a few flats of strawberries and on that day we got one of the best meals of the year... strawberry shortcake for dinner.  we'd each get a dinner plate sized biscuit and all the strawberries we could devour.  It. was. awesome!

 I like a nice sweet biscuit with very juicy strawberries that soak into the biscuit... mmmmm.  this recipe made a lovely tender biscuit.  I'm on an oat milk kick lately so I'm not sure if that contributed to the tenderness but it was very nice.  

I got lazy on the strawberry prep. I gave them a quick run through the food processor rather than slicing them for what seems like an eternity.  haha.  they aren't completely smooth, still a few nice chunks in there.  

It was such a great treat in late August!

When I bought the first batch of strawberries I knew I wanted to make jam because I couldn't eat them fast enough.  Of course, I can't just make normal jam.  especially when I found this recipe for Strawberry Jam with Balsamic Vinegar and Thyme!! I mean, come on!  of course I had to make it!  and then I didn't want so much sugar so I found this recipe where I learned you had to use different pectin for low sugar jam So I made a mash up of basically the low sugar recipe with Balsamic and Thyme (from my window box! even better!)  Its so very strawberry-ish... mmm and now I have some in the freezer for those winter days when I'm dying for fresh fruit!

I know there are people doing WAY more food preservation that me with all your garden harvests... What have you canned and frozen and dried?

Stay safe... Stay healthy... Stay creative